Saturday, November 2, 2019

Labour Turnover and Customer Service in Restaurants Essay

Labour Turnover and Customer Service in Restaurants - Essay Example As the discussion stresses restaurant, hotel and leisure industry is very much dependent on their employees for keeping their customer satisfied. This is a service industry where the intangibility, inseparability and heterogeneity of the service make it very challenging for the service provider to maintain consistency and increase the level of satisfaction received by the consumers.This discussion outlines that the labour turnover in the service industry is high. The high rate of turnover is result of various factors like lack of opportunities and growth, low income level and other reasons. The employees are the face of the service providing company. High employee turnover rate also indicates towards the management problems and internal issues of the organisation. Organisation is questioned for not able to retain its employees.  In this situation, it becomes very challenging for the human resource management professionals or business owner to ensure the stability of employees. Ther e are various strategies that a company adopts to attract and retain employees and maintain their image in the job market. Restaurant companies offer different types of monetary and non monetary benefits to its employees. The monetary benefits are incentives, bonus, stock options and others cash components.  The non monetary benefits include insurance, heath benefits, maternity and paternity leaves, education sponsorship, education assistance etc.

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